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Tom Drexel


 Terry Presidio Schools  


Terry Garza


 Mindy Presidio Schools

Mindy White

Degree: Interdisciplinary Studies:  Spanish, Psychology, Media Arts
Bilingual Certification- English/Spanish, University of Arizona

Graduate Studies:  Educational Psychology, Education

I have been in the educational field for 24 years.

Levels taught: Kindergarten, High School

 Amanda Presidio Schools


Amanda Wolfe

8 years

“Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson



 Joy Presidio Schools


Joy Barr

Transitional Services Coordinator
Bachelor’s Degree in Business specifically Management.
Arizona Department of Education certification in Adult Education.
I have 25 years experience in education including secondary and post-secondary.

 Dave Presidio Schools


Dave Monson


I've been with Presidio for 8 years. Before Presidio, I was working in social services as a group home coordinator for mentally disabled adults and children for 4-5 years.

I should get an award for being an awesome dad and loving husband but no one has nominated me yet.

"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."
Malcom X

 Christine Presidio Schools

Christine Moore

Attendance Coordinator

 Scott Presidio Schools


Scott Duerstock

Exceptional Student Services
Tae Kwon Do Coach

B.A. Communications; Majors: Advertising, Public Relations Minor: Art & Design.
M.S. Anthropology
M.Ed. Special Education (in progress)
Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do & Hapkido.
Arizona Teaching Certificate :
Special Education, Gifted Education

I have taught at the university level for four years and at Presidio for eight years.



Jack Lanning

Computer Operations and Network Administrator.
I've worked directly in the computers field since 1995, indirectly from 1978.

Hypothesis: All electronic devices run on pressurized encapsulated blue smoke.
Empirical proof: If one lets enough blue smoke out of said electronic device, it will cease to function!

 Erin Presidio Schools

Erin Foudy

Teacher - 4th Grade
Received BA in Anthropology from the University of Arizona

 Molly Presidio Schools

Molly Rogers

I earned a BS in Mathematics from Northern Arizona University in 1996 and then completed the requirements for my Arizona Teaching Certificate in 1998. I have been teaching High School Math for 9 years. This is my 8th year teaching at Presidio.

 Shannon Presidio Schools


Shannon Mier

5-8 Social Studies, 7-8 Language Arts, Middle School and High School Basketball Coach
B.A. in Anthropology from The University of Virginia, 3 years teaching
Once received a mug that said "World's Best Teacher." I'm not sure if that was an official award or just an informal thing, but I stand by it.

"If the condition of man is to be progressively ameliorated, as we fondly hope and believe, education is to be the chief instrument in effecting it." - Thomas Jefferson, founder of the University of Virginia.



Jim Sipchen

Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and Rehabilitation.
Specialized Field of Study: Deaf Studies
I have been working for Presidio for 7 years.
Current position: Full-Time in-house substitute teacher/Part-time ASL Instructor
Certification: Substitute Teacher Certification issued by State of Arizona

 Angela Presidio Schools


Angela Jurado

I have a bachelor’s degree in History and Government and have completed master level courses in the fields of Education, ESL and Spanish.  My fields of study are History, Government, Spanish, ESL and Education.  I have 18 years of educational experience; 16 years have been spent in classroom teaching and 2 years have been spent as a Special Education advocate.  I am bilingual (English/Spanish).

 Emily Presidio Schools


Emily Whittington

7th & 8th Mathematics, K-8 Dance, HS Cheerleading

4 years teaching experience, B.A. with Honors in Physics, Austin College, 1997, M.A. Education, University of Phoenix, 2007, Arizona Certification, 2006

 Paul Presidio Schools

Paul Hudelson

I earned a BA in English Literature (minor in philosophy) from the University of Arizona in 1988, and I earned a MA in English Literature in 1991. I have taught High School mathematics five years.

 Carrie Presidio Schools


Carrie Farnsworth

B.S. Elementary Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education.
B.S. Elementary Education with an Emphasis in Early Childhood Education
M.A. Information Resources and Library Science
Arizona Teaching Certificate with endorsements in Early Childhood Education and Library Media Specialist
10 years of teaching experience.

"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library." ~Jorge Luis Borges

 Hillary Presidio Schools


Hillary Dummer

Head of the Math & Science Departments-
teacher - high school Math & Biology
B. S. in Food Science and M. S. in Agriculture, specializing in Food Science and Nutrition, both from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo. I also have my Arizona Secondary Teaching Credential.

This is my 9th year teaching.

 Lisa Presidio Schools


Lisa Corkill

I received my Bachelor of Arts with a major in Political Science and a minor in history from the University of Arizona in 1997. I have certification in U.S. Government/Political Science. I am currently attending the University of Phoenix for my Master’s in Education. This is my fourth year teaching.

 Angie Presidio Schools  


Angie Porter

 Audra Presidio Schools  


Audra Brown

 Connie Presidio Schools  


"Sargeant B"

 Dalena Presidio Schools  


Dalena Gregory

 shay Presidio Schools  


Mr. Shay

Mr. Shay teaches Writing and Social Studies at Presidio. His Writing classes improve students’ skills in creative writing, essay writing, paragraph editing, reading comprehension, and mastering higher-level vocabulary terms. In Social Studies, students learn about the history of the United States and the history of the world so that they can have a greater understanding of different cultures, people, and places. Geography skills are also emphasized in Mr. Shay’s Social Studies classes.

After receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arizona in 2004, Mr. Shay began working on his Arizona Teacher Certification while employed as a substitute teacher throughout the Tucson area. In 2009, Mr. Shay began teaching at Presidio.

 Morgan Presidio Schools  


Morgan Galarza

 Pat Presidio Schools  


Pat Johnston

 Bob Presidio Schools  


Bob Williamson

My Degrees are BS Geology 1988 (U of A), MS in Economic Geology 1993 (U of A),  MBA 2000 (U. of Phoenix).
I have been teaching for 5 years.

 Eric Presidio Schools  

Eric Knight

Eric Knight teaches Language Arts for grades 7-9. He has a degree from the University of Arizona in Creative Writing and is in the second half of his first year of teaching (after a 14-year hiatus!). Awards and recognition have been slow in coming but doubtless many await just beyond the horizon. Until then he is content to labor in obscurity.

 Susan Presidio Schools  

Susan Cohn

Received her BA from City University of New York, York College, majoring in anthropology.

She received her highly qualified certification 7 years ago in New Jersey, where she taught computer technology in Kindergarten through fourth grade.

She is now highly qualified and certified in Arizona and is here at Presidio for a second year with her third grade class, The Roadrunners.

 Alissa Presidio Schools  


Alissa Nichols

    Alissa Nichols graduated cum laude from University of Nebraska-Omaha with a degree in Secondary Education with emphases in journalism and English. She taught sophomore honors English for two years in Omaha before moving to Tucson in 2005. She has been the junior high reading teacher for three years at Presidio; this is her first year teaching high school reading AIMS.

 Kim Presidio Schools  


Kim Petrikowski

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a focus in Child Development Kindergarten
Twelve years experience teaching/assisting with kindergarten, preschool, and visually impaired children
National and College Deans Lists, Graduated with high honors,
Member of three Honor Societies, NAEYC Member.
Current Kindergarten teacher.

"The greatest gift you can give a child is your time."

 Joe Presidio Schools


Joe Roos

Office Manager

 Areli Presidio Schools  


Areli Ocasio

Administrative Assistant

I have been a musician for 20 years and worked as a Spanish translator at an elementary school.

 Diana Presidio Schools  


Diana Veronica Gomez

Administrative Assistant

Head Meep Wrangler